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South Lyon Cultural Arts
Commission Humanities
Survey Results:


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DIA Interview 
with former
South Lyon Art Commissioner
Kelly Smith

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Our Upcoming Events
South Lyon Snowflake 
Scavenger Hunt.


Sunday November 22 - December 20 in many South Lyon shops to look for the "SECRET CODE"
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Our Mission

The mission of the Cultural Arts Commission of South Lyon   is to encourage, facilitate, presentand promote visual and aural art forms in the City of South Lyon so as to benefit and enrich the City and its residents.

“I'm proud to be a part of a great city that really cares about Art, Music, Voice, Theatre, Poetry, Education and anything that influences the South Lyon creative spirit.”

Ken Michalik

South Lyon resident and Cultural Arts Commission,



We need your help!

Please join CAC as a Friend.  Contact Josie Kearns. Cultural Arts Commission, Chair, at (248) 437-5206,
or join us at the South Lyon City Hall for one of our monthly meetings.

Above: (Left to Right) Art Commissioners,
Linda Graham, Heather Montilla, Josie Kearns,
Ken Michalik and Linda Robinson

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